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Face Care

13 Rules for the perfect care of your face

Not everyone has the time or wealth to be pampered with regular spa treatments, but we can all get into the habit of having healthy skin on our face. The following article demonstrates a few of the simple and inexpensive ways you can achieve a great complexion and keep it that way.

1. Never go outside without wearing sunscreen. Find the best formula and strength for your skin type and needs, and apply it to your face religiously. The sun is a major cause of skin damage for most people. In case you didn’t know, the sun is responsible for deep wrinkles and spots on the skin because it simply interferes with the natural protection of the skin. According to the experts, the perfect products that offer 24-h protection must have at least SPH 15.

2. Fill up on water frequently. Water is one of the most under-appreciated face care products on Earth. Drink around 8 glasses a day, mixing in lemon or other flavors if that much water becomes boring for you. Getting plenty of water will keep your skin healthy and help your body flush toxins, among other benefits.

3. Never wear makeup to bed. Gently remove it from your face with wipes or cleanser. Sleeping with makeup on, especially a foundation, will clog your pores and lead to blemishes, not to mention what it does to pillow cases.face care

4. A balanced diet plays a high role in the process of acquiring a perfect facial skin. Enjoy healthier foods, for healthier skin. Your skin is an organ and just like the others in your body, it requires specific nutrients to thrive. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and foods high in Omega-3 will do wonders for your complexion you simply cannot compensate for with creams or lotions.

5. Avoid using hot water in the shower or bath. Although it may ease aching muscles, water that is too hot will dry out your skin quickly. Luke warm temperatures are best for all skin types.

6. Find the best cleanser for your particular skin type, and don't stray from it. Washing with the wrong soap may do far more harm than good for your complexion so avoid experimenting or economizing whenever possible.

7. Exfoliate as often as is necessary, but be gentle about it. Exfoliating removes dead cells, oil and other debris from your face so it is an essential component of your face care ritual. However, using too harsh a product will rob you of natural moisture and may cause damage.

8. Moisturize often. Unless you are prone to break-outs, using a good moisturizer often will keep your skin healthy and protect it for the long run. Different types of moisturizers are specifically formulated for use under make-up, at bedtime or with sunscreen so be sure you are using the right one for your needs. Your facial skin must be well moisturized all the time in order to prevent any damages caused by direct sunlight or bad weather. The wrinkles and the lines should be avoided as much as possible and that’s why your skin must be moisturized all day long.

9. Treat blemishes quickly and target only that area. Letting one go could mean a total break-out, so address a pimple immediately. Take extra care with the harsh products that dry out blemishes and blackheads as they can be rough on delicate skin. Use age and skin-type specific treatments for the best results.

10. Consider anti-aging products preventative medicine. Even if you don't have wrinkles or discoloration, many high quality anti-aging creams have very nourishing ingredients for skin and the earlier you start using them, the better off your skin will be. Consider retinol-based lotions for firmness, especially in the area of the neck, but be warned, retinol will leave you extra vulnerable to sun damage.

11. Find your optimum face care schedule and adhere to it strictly. This is a good habit to be in that will prevent you from forgetting any part of your plan and is also better for your skin. Once you've figured out how to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion, you wouldn't want to change it anyway.

12. The beauty sleep is very important. Your face skin regenerates if your body has the correct amount of sleep every day.

13. Take advantage of nighttime firming lotions or serums. These are specifically formulated to work in the absence of sunlight, and at maximum absorption rates. To really be effective, a product must penetrate the skin completely and this is more readily achieved when you are inactive.

Face Care is both a science and an art. Address your specific skin care needs thoughtfully and with regularity to achieve the best results with your complexion. Apply the above tips to your routine and have healthier and more attractive skin now and for a lifetime.


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